Finning Power Systems releases dedicated CHP guide for chemicals industry
Tuesday, Jul 04, 2017
Finning UK & Ireland (Finning), sole distributor of Caterpillar engines in the UK, has released a new guide demonstrating how chemical industry plant owners and operators can cut energy bills and emissions through using combined heat and power (CHP) technology.

Available for download now, the guide shows how CHP systems can reduce total cost of ownership in the chemicals sector – which is the UK’s biggest single industrial energy consumer – by capturing huge amounts of heat wasted in power plant processes.

Modern chemical processing plants require a high, steady demand for both electricity and heat 24/7, making CHP technology ideally suited to cutting costs and improving environmental performance. Indeed, according to UK government reports, only 36 per cent of energy consumed by the chemicals sector is electrical, with the rest used to generate process heat and steam.

By taking advantage of heat wasted in conventional power generation, a CHP unit can achieve an overall efficiency of up to 80 per cent, compared to a maximum of approximately 40 per cent for a gas or coal-fired plant. CHP units can also reduce industrial users’ primary fuel use by up to 30 per cent.

This means that plant owners and operators using CHP can not only cut their carbon emissions, but can also save as much as 40 per cent on their energy bills, which is often a source of significant outlay in the power-hungry chemicals industry. Furthermore, while most industrial energy users’ costs rose over 120 per cent over the previous decade, CHP users have experienced rises of less than half that, making further savings.

Nigel Thompson, Sales Manager, Gas Power Solutions, Finning, says: “Every year, plants in the chemical sector spend around £2 billion buying in fuel and electricity, and emit 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the process. This intense energy use results in very high and continually rising costs that can massively impact the bottom line.

“We hope that this sector-specific guide will highlight the benefits of CHP technology in the chemicals sector, reduce harmful emissions, and help owners and operators looking to improve energy processes and efficiencies.”

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